2013 Kia Sorento SX AWD

The Kia Sorento is yet another example of the Korean car industry's ascendency. There vehicles are becoming competitive with the best in the world on price and value, but also, styling and performance. The Sorento is slow and basic in the base models, but the top of the line SX has a 276hp engine and luxury ammenities like an air conditioned driver's seat and heated steering wheel. Additionally, though it is not body on frame, it performs like a true SUV with Ascent and Descent control and even a low range for its All-Wheel-Drive system. The navigation system is also excellent and includes real-time traffic.

Ours is a Titanium Silver and Black leather SX AWD with the technology package. We purchased it after test driving a dozen SUV, including the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLK. We actually liked how the Sorento drove better and the fact that it costs $1,000s less was a bonus. It is also our first vehicle with a backup camera and real-time traffic which will become must haves in all our cars.


Richard Murphy 2013-2021