2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

The Hyundai Veloster is a unique car. Based upon the Elantra, it has an asymetrical layout with 1 door on the driver's side, 2 doors on the passenger's side and a hatchback. This exterior is polarizing with poeple either loving it or hating it. The interior is less polarizing but very modern with a waterfall center stack and Hyundai's most advanced infotainment system. One can even hook up a PS3 or XBox to the dash and watch it on the Navigation screen. it also includes Hyundai's BlueLink connectivity and one can even start the engine, lock the doors, and locate the car via an iPhone app.

The Veloster came out in 2012 and has been selling very well, spending little time on dealer's lots. However, the 2012 was lacking power. So, for 2013, Hyundai offered a Turbo version. The turbo puts out 201 hp from only 1.6 liters for a super car like specific output of 125.6 hp per liter. This makes the car quick and it still has good handling and an excellent ride, because Hyundai didn't give it the bone jarring suspension typical of turbo versions of economy cars.

Ours is Boston Red with a Black Leather interior and the Ulimate package with the navigation and panoramic moonroof. It is very fun to drive and reminds me very much of a modern day Honda CRX.


Richard Murphy 2013-2016