1999 Mercedes SLK


The Mercedes SLK was another show car that made it to production with few changes. It had styling cues, like hood bulges, from the famous 300SL and a trick folding steel roof that tucked into the trunk. That made it a normal coupe and a convertible, depending upon the roof configuration. It initially only came with a supercharged (Kompressor) 2.3L I4 engine. However, that was ample power for the small car and enabled it to get good mileage as well. There was also room for 2 carry on bags in the trunk with the roof retracted, so one could take it on a trip.

Ours was a Firemist Red Metallic with a Graphite Gray leather interior. It was also one of the few SLKs with a 5 speed manual. The car spent alot of time at the dealership, as Mercedes quality in the 90s was abysmal. However, when it was working it was a wonderful car top up or top down.


Richard Murphy 2013-2021